Department of education and training

Education and training is important part of our endeavor. We have been screening many students from Life Science back-ground have realized the fact that due lack of practical exposure most of them are ignorant and doesn't have enough knowledge to become part of the industry. And any industry grows only with development of man-power and working resource and so we have decided to launch a dedicated training module for students. The entire training is divided in following categories;

# Exposure- Here the student needs to have basic knowledge of Molecular technology and he is looking for deeper insight. This is one month program and in divided in 5 modules.

# Moderate: For mid-sem and final semester students looking for hands on training and develop their skills in the field of Clinical molecular diagnostics. The period of training is 3 months and include 15 modules.

#Expert: This is for partially trained or final year students with earlier practical experience. We have developed tools to share real time clinical exposure and let them handle live patient sample after 3 months of basic module. And this course is of 6 months and involves 25 modules.

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