Next Gen Sequencing & Analysis

Genome offer high-end next generation sequencing and data analysis services. The widest range of genomic data drives the team to work more towards knowledge collaboration and alliances with service provider and seekers. 

Our team of experts largely involves experts of Bioinformatics, Genetics and clinical genomics with vast years of experience leading to fine tuned and better analyzed reports. 


We understand molecular and genetic diagnostics are very different and play a very important role in developing therapeutic lines. And for the same reason we have been working towards developing and acquiring technologies for accurate and precise molecular analysis. Our services in Diagnostics are following;

  • RT/qPCR based assays
  • FISH based cytogenetic tests.
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Molecular analysis

The departments we focus involve qualitative and quantitative evaluation are;

  • Infectious markers.
  • Oncology
  • Infertility
  • Genetic markers

Gene views


Lab Development And consulting

We understand that today Molecular diagnostics remains one of "the least used and most needed" tests. And this happens due to scarcity of labs. And the reason is analyst and technologists which is a hurdle. So in order to resolve this issue and make sure a quality molecular diagnostic we understand many labs are needed in order to insure quality of sample and genetic material. And for the same we offer lab development and management services. And our turn key solution involves;

  • Selection of best equipments.
  • Selection of assays and parameters.
  • Development of Laboratory.
  • Calibration of laboratory.
  • Team to manage and conduct assays.
  • Analysis using online Bioinformatics tools. 

Research & Publication

We understand anything that is intelligent has more chances to cover distance. And for the same we have a dedicated research wing that looks for more reasons of any disease condition. Unseen and undetected conditions that leads to epidemic. The biggest example as infectious organisms like MTB that claims more life in the world than Cancer. And its variants make it more workable. We need to work on this bacterium and see if this can have better cure. And then there is a long list like HIV, HPV, HCV, CMV etc.). 

Then comes the lifestyle disorders related to our genetic composition that leads to Cardio Vascular disorder, Diabetes, osteoporosis, asthma and many such disease. So we have enough reason to keep researching and optimum resource to publish our results.

Genomic Clinic

Genome analyst offers personal genomic clinic. And this is an unique concept. We offer following;

  • Establish genomic labs in hospitals.
  • Perform genomic tests for personalized needs of a healthy individual or patient.
  • Tele-genetics based international exchange development.  

Clinical genetics / Genomics Courses

With advent of Genomics and Genetic technologies and introduction of Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing in clinical practice, this is crucial for a doctor or clinician to understand interpretation of genetic results and provide clinical correlation. We at Genome Analyst offer one of the finest technologies in training and real time analysis using in-silico and in-vitro tools.

Highlights of the training are:

  • Basics of clinical genetics and genomics.
  • Roles of genes and respective action.
  • Selection of appropriate tool in clinical analysis.
  • Different available technology and it's usage.
  • Result analysis and application.

Training & Internship

Genome Analyst offers an opportunity for the students of Biological science to undergo real time training on advanced technologies. And we have a team of experts to provide training based on following techniques;

  • RT/qPCR
  • GEL Doc System
  • Sequencing 
  • HLA typing
  • Electrophoresis
  • Bioinformatics tools

The entire training and internship involves clinical relevance and application of different tools in molecular diagnostics.